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Class Act: Art Comes First

I adore these gentleman.

COAL – short film from Dunderland Filmkompani on Vimeo.

ART COMES FIRST is a collective of self taught artists and creative associates, who believe art should always come first.

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Beats & Patterns Outing: Morrissey Concert

Dino and I took a 2 hour trip to Maryland to see the legendary Morrissey preform at the Strathmore. Going into the venue we saw people of all backgrounds and ages who were mesmerized by his performance. The concert was like listening to an album in the comfort of your home, his voice was flawless.

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Photogenic: Shakira’s “Glow”


OMG! look at my lovely Shakira. She looks amazing!

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Idris Elba does “Lover of the Light” Flawlessly

I can’t deal. The latest release of Mumford & Sons, Lover of the Light, is everything I hoped for and expected from their second video release. You find an actor directing and a director acting, Idris Elba. Idris Elba plays the role of a solitude blind man living in the country whose blindness does not debilitate his daily experiences with life. The beauty of the video is the connection he has with the a dear in the wild that is a representation of himself. The video is beautiul and I must say he is quite the dresser.

Video directed by Idris Elba and Dan Cadan.
Actor Idris Elba

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